View over the plots at the Enchanted Valley Project
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  Dream Land Brazil - Siriu Sand Dunes behind Garapaba, which hosts snad boarding in certain parts.

Portfolio of Current Available Land and Property :

Property Available
EC1 - Grand House set in 2.5 acres of prime Encantada land with waterfall, near Garopaba, Santa Catarina
Beautifully built and extremely spacious house, with 1 large bedroom in the main house and a guest annex with 2 bedrooms. Set in 1 hectare of prime land with its own natural waterfall pool and stunning views, possibility to build more. Would be an ideal social house, rental proposition or restaurant - Highly recommended. Asking price R$650,000,00. See Full Details...
EC2 - Old Mill - a true slice of history and culture
with much potential
This is a fully functioning mill with all of the equipment intact, a true slice of history and culture. It has a room upstairs, and a bathroom downstairs. There are 2 loos downstairs and 2 kitchens and the place lends itself to being used for a rustic restaurant. The area is 900m2 and the built area is 110m2. it is situated right oposite the waterfall pool of Encantada (shown in gallery). There is plenty of room for more building behind the mill perhaps a guest house or personal lodgings and it is also possible to extend the land area as the land behind could be bought. The asking price is R$80,000 but offers will be considered. See Full Details...
Land plots available
EC3 - 10 acre plot with waterfall in Encantada
This land is approx 4 hectares/10 acres. It has easy access a stunning river and small waterfall, mature trees and beautiful views. Legislation allows for construction on 10% of this land, and there are several pasture plateaus which would be suitable without the need for cutting any trees. The waterfall is within the land and the pool can be enlarged. This land is fully registered and can be sold in as an entire area or in parts, the sale price is approx £2 per m2 so £80,000 neg. (All Prices are according to exchange rates). See Full Details...
EC4  -  278,950.00m2 of prime Encantada Land
This is stunning land with all of the assets associated with Encantada, with stunning views to the sea and the lakes not to mention the majestic "Pedra Branca". There is water on this land and substantial virgin "Matta Atlantica" forest. This said, there are also areas that have already been farmed and create ideal pastoral plateaus for construction. The price for this plot is well under the going rate for the area at under £1 per m²! This land is on the market at R$ 600,000.00. (neg) All prices depend on the exchange rates and payment terms). See Full Details...
SC1 - 1 acre land plot with fantastic sunsets and sea views in Saco das Cobras, near Garopaba, Santa Catarina
This is my favourite land plot in this area, with many amazing advantages, not least the fact that it gets glorious sunsets, sunrise and moonrise!!!. It is about 1 acre (1,731m²), and has been cleared and it is possible to walk down to the beach from this plot. In an area called "saco das cobras" which has its own village and one of the best beaches in the area, it is only 10 mins from Garopaba. It has planning permission for 15% of the land to be constructed on. It is priced at R$162,000 (£50,000 +/- depending on exchange rates).
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SIR1 - 1600 land plot

Planning permission has just come through for 15% of area. Access and electricity already on site with fantastic views over Siriu beach, the dunes and to Garopaba. Only 5 minutes to the beach, and 15 to Garopaba; plus the small village with shops of Siriu is 10 minutes walk. The asking price is R$120,000 (+/- depending on exchange rates).

SIR2 - 1600 land plot

It would be advisable to buy the plot in front in order to secure the view also making a decent size area of 3600m2. Construction of up to 540m2 is allowed for the whole area in any format, so more than one house can be built in the case of sharing or for rental. The second plot is R$140,000.